Montego Double Swirl Kwila Wood Dining Set


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In Stock at Mil-Green with 8 High Back Bermuda chairs. Featuring two built in flush Lazy Susans as pictured.

Kwila wood is extremely durable. In fact, due to the hardness of the wood, Kwila furniture is difficult to manufacture without specialized machinery. The rich, natural oil in Kwila is the main feature of this timber, which makes it more durable than other timbers commonly used for outdoor furniture. It has minimal shrinkage and can withstand extremes of climate, even saltwater.

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Product Description

What is Kwila wood and why is it used in outdoor furniture?

Kwila, also known as Merbau, is a tropical timber which naturally grows in various regions throughout the South East Pacific rim.

Kwila is known for:
-Stability and natural resistance to splitting
-All furniture can remain permanently outdoors in all climates
-Natural oil in Kwila makes it extremely durable
-Withstand extremes weather conditions